Sunday, July 19, 2009

Congressional candidate represents Shore values

Many of the complex issues that face our society are simply the result of too much government. This is a problem that has been decades in the making as our liberties get chipped away bit by bit. Our Constitution as it stands today either means what it says or it is not worth the paper it was written on.

The president, Congress and the Senate have all sworn oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. Yet their actions are nothing short of treasonous, as they consistently violate it with the numerous laws, acts, treaties, and countless amendments they pass -- without even reading and understanding the very legislation for which they cast their votes.

Elected Republicans, Democrats and President Bush violated nearly every Article and Amendment of the Constitution with the Patriot Act and by invading Iraq.

President Obama and Congress have violated nearly every one as well, with the massive amounts of legislation they have passed.

In the pipeline are more centralized control, more tax increases, more spending and more control of your life and liberties.

We consistently elect people to Congress and the Senate who become nothing more than patsies for their lobbyists and party bosses. We have given these two parties too many chances and we simply cannot afford them anymore.

Maryland's 1st District has an opportunity to make a difference, as Libertarian Dr. Richard Davis is running again for Congress. Anti-war, anti-Patriot Act and anti-bailout, -- Davis represents true Eastern Shore values.

Muir W. Boda


Boda is on the Maryland Libertarian Party's executive board and serves as director of communications. -- Editor

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