Monday, August 17, 2009

August Letter to the Editor in The Daily Times

I have read and heard a number of comments from people who feel my candidacy for Congress has helped or will help the candidate of one or the other major parties. This misses my point. If you are happy with what either major party has accomplished in the last twenty years, your choice must already be clear.

I believe that a vote for either of those major parties encourages that party’s leadership to continue what they have been doing in that time. In the last election, my impression was that both of my opponents were decent men who were much more conservative than their party leaderships. I believe the election of either could have (at most) minimal influence on those leaderships.

Refusing to vote sends little or no message, as those leaders appear to count winning or losing vote totals. I believe only a significant number of votes for another party altogether will send a message that voters want a REAL change of direction – electing a number of third party candidates would obviously send an even stronger message.

Believing we need a major change in the way this is done, I am running this campaign accepting NO monetary contributions. I hope to begin by providing more content in these editorials with 250 words per month than can be conveyed in a 60-second radio or TV commercial, much less a sign or bumper sticker.

They will go on my website at, possibly occasionally in somewhat expanded form.

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