Monday, October 12, 2009

October Letter to the Editor

Over the last few weeks a few people have offered monetary contributions for my campaign and have seemed a bit surprised when I refused. Let me repeat here that I am accepting no cash contributions. I encourage supporters to pass the word along asking others to vote for me and to seek out groups I might address with my positions, but I will accept no campaign money.

I DO realize that this is NOT how the current system works: the Republicans and Democrats, individually and collectively, take in huge numbers of campaign contribution dollars. When they get into power, they then dole out vastly larger numbers of (tax) dollars in the form of grants, subsidies, tax breaks, government contracts, “stimulus packages”, “bailouts”, various entitlement programs, and so on.

I believe this is not only wrong but self-destructive for the country. Neither Congress nor the executive branch seems to have any clear idea that there are limits to the resources you can expend, however limitless may be the means to expend them.

I also recognize that, even if elected, I cannot change this by myself. My hope is that other candidates in other districts share my concern and goals for this country and its citizens. Only when enough voters in enough districts demand the kind of changes I seek for can we really hope to get those changes. Even so, we need to start somewhere. Why not here?


Richard J. Davis, D.D.S.
Libertarian for Congress

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