Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter To the Editor

September 12, 2009

Dear Editor:

As we continue to face a difficult economy, I feel there are a number of things all Americans should be asking themselves: as an individual, are YOUR family, job, healthcare, and retirement truly matters of national importance?

If so, then our present system and our present course may well be appropriate. However, in this case, if our economy is to survive, there will need to be greatly increased federal influence and control in all these areas.

If not then we ALL need to be taking back more control in these areas of our lives. In this case we must greatly reduce many areas where the federal government influences the economy, as it is nearly impossible for an individual to plan in these areas when faced with frequent, numerous, and sudden changes in tax policies and regulations combined with the prolonged periods of inflation and deflation that we have seen over the last hundred years.

Most of all, the fluctuating inflation resulting from a currency with no stable backing, where it is possible to simply print more “dollars” as policy or “need” indicate (known as “counterfeiting” if done privately) make it difficult to make long term investment plans, whether for business, retirement, or home purchase.

If you believe this, then it is time to return the focus of the federal government to national defense/security, foreign relations, and interstate commerce. Let it focus on getting these things right and let us live our individual lives as we see fit.


Richard J. Davis

Libertarian for Congress