Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr. Richard Davis January Letter to Editor

Here we go into another election year. I hope to make this one a little different. I believe that continuing the campaign process as it has been will continue to bring the results it has been providing. Therefore:

  1. I will take no campaign contributions; buy no yard signs, bumper stickers or ads. The 4+ million dollars the other parties put into the last campaign would have served any number of better uses on the Shore. Keep your money here.
  2. I will have little or nothing to say about my opponents as individuals. I have little doubt they are fine, honorable people. Their parties, however, have spent us into near (if not complete) bankruptcy. They have, for seventy five years, expanded the size, scope, and power of the federal government at the expense of the individual citizens. They have repeatedly and almost systematically subverted the limits placed on the federal government by the Constitution. They have maintained American troops in foreign countries long beyond any reasonable need or justification, waging at least seven wars of varying length without any Congressional declaration of war.
  3. I will do my best to communicate with the voters through these letters, which will also be on my website ( and will welcome any opportunities to address any groups who contact me. (I prefer to answer questions on issues of concern to such groups, rather than wasting your time with broad speeches that may pass by your individual concerns.)

Please contact me!


Richard J. Davis D.D.S.
Libertarian for Congress, First District

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