Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dr. Davis's March Letter to the Editor

14 March, 2010

Dear Editor:

Despite my announcements that I will not accept any campaign contributions, I have continued to receive contacts from people wishing to donate.

While I remain unwilling (as a matter of principle) to take such contributions, I have been considering ways to make something positive of this desire to contribute.

Therefore I am requesting that anyone who wishes to donate to my campaign should pick a local charity of their choice (church, Red Cross, fire company, scout troop, etc.) and make the donation to that group in honor of my campaign and/or the Maryland Libertarian Party. Send the donation direct to the charity of your choice, thus you can take the charitable tax deduction while adding public exposure for the party and my campaign and providing a direct benefit to your local community.

My campaign and party, like any others, benefit from any publicity you, the voters, provide to it. Rather than expend money on ads, yard signs, or bumper stickers, I want to see that publicity benefit local communities regardless of the outcome of the campaign. My campaign is largely about returning maximum control to local communities, and anything that strengthens those communities from within is as valuable as what I hope to accomplish in running for Congress.

Richard J. Davis, D.D.S.
Libertarian for Congress
First Congressional District

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