Friday, October 29, 2010

Your View: Libertarian agenda is to give you back control

Can we afford it? I suspect you’re way ahead of me here. I won’t try to discuss the national debt, beyond that it’s rising faster than I can write about it, much less get this into print. We are running this country as if we hold it on an interest-only mortgage, and we’ve been seeing how well those generally work out.

On any given issue, even if we can do it and we should do it, that doesn’t mean we can afford it right now. The idea that we can simply borrow or print more money won’t carry us forever. Better we end those practices while we still have hope of being in control of the situation rather than waiting for disaster to dictate to us.

This will be my last letter before the election, so let me urge you all to vote. If you want government to take care of you (and run your life, which ultimately must follow), either the Republicans or the Democrats are happy to accommodate — it just depends on whose format you prefer.

If you want to run your own life — and correspondingly, take care of yourself and your loved ones — then right now, the Libertarian Party is the only one seeking to give you the greatest possible opportunity. I won’t claim it will be quick or easy, but if you can imagine a future where the federal government doesn’t even try to control everything — vote Libertarian.

Dr. Richard J. Davis, Hurlock
Davis is a Libertarian candidate for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. — Editor

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